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Tim Walsh

Tax Specialist

West Sussex, United Kingdom

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We are one of the largest independently owned specialist R&D consultancies in the UK, and we have helped over 1,300 companies gain more than £145m in tax relief and tax credits, whilst maintaining a 100% success record, yet we are small enough to care and give personalised service.

Our service includes:

In-depth review of all the company’s activities – not just the obvious areas of R&D.
Interviews with key staff – to discuss the role of all staff.
Full technical report writing – to reduce the effort required by our clients.
Guidance on record-keeping improvements – to ensure the claim is as robust as possible.
Preparation of full R&D report and an easy schedule for accountants to amend CT600s and tax computations.
Follow up with HMRC until payment is received.

We offer a free audit for companies that have claimed before, to ensure they are maximising their claim and not exposing themselves to compliance risk through the reports they are submitting or the records they are keeping.

We also take on and defend cases where bona fide R&D claims are being challenged by HMRC.

Tax Specialisms

  • R and D Credits

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  • Experience

    24 yrs

    This adviser has been providing specialist professional tax services for 24+ years.

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