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Nicola Clough

Tax Adviser

Lancashire, United Kingdom

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Verified Information

Nicola Clough has been qualified and verified by

Tax Specialisms

  • Tax Planning

    OMB tax planning and advice

  • Tax Reliefs

    Restructuring and transactional advice

  • Inheritance Tax

    IHT, Trusts and Estate planning

Key Information

  • Experience

    23 yrs

    This adviser has been providing specialist professional tax services for 23+ years.

Qualifications & Experience

  • CTA
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TaxJunction Audit Process

TaxJunction auditors follow strict verification guidelines when registering new advisers and specialists. For further information about the verification process please email our audit team here.

  • TJ Auditor

    Ms. Sarah Beattie


  • Qualification Criteria

    To register with TaxJunction all advisers have provided verifiable evidence to our auditors. This personal and commercial evidence is then assessed against our standard TaxJunction guidelines.

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