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Michael Scales

Tax Specialist

Newport, United Kingdom

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We review Tax fee protection insurance (TFPI) schemes, consulting to accountants and advise options in conjunction with the other core Zeal Tax specialist services of Capital Allowances and R&D Tax Relief claims.

Mike has 17+ years of direct TFPI experience and holds a UK CeRGI qualification, having worked with the top insurers for more than a decade and then as an independent consultant for the last 5 before merging with HJR Tax in 2020, who recently rebranded to Zeal Tax. Before moving to the UK 18 years ago, Mike worked in financial services and specialised product brokering for national insurers and also with his own business.

Tax Specialisms

  • Insurance

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  • Capital Allowances

    Capital Allowances / read more

  • R and D Credits

    R&D Tax Credits / read more

Key Information

  • Experience

    17 yrs

    This adviser has been providing specialist professional tax services for 17+ years.

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    £1 million

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