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Lois Stirling

Tax Adviser

Edinburgh, United Kingdom

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Lois is a capital allowances specialist, initially training as a quantity surveyor. She has over 25 years experience in the construction industry, with 22 years of those years in tax as a capital allowances specialist.

Lois has assisted numerous clients to maximise tax relief on commercial property expenditure through plant and machinery allowances and land remediation relief. She has completed claims for investment funds, large corporates, and owner occupiers across different commercial property sectors, whether they are purchasing, developing, refurbishing or fitting out their properties. Lois has prepared and agreed claims for UK, Irish and Malaysian clients and has a special interest in helping SMEs.

Lois provides straightforward and practical advice to investors, occupiers and accountants to ensure claims are maximised and deals are tax efficient.

Lois is an RICS Chartered Surveyor, and a Fellow of the Association of Tax Technicians. She worked for 20 years at a global property company AECOM, before establishing her own company with a former colleague.

Tax Specialisms

  • Capital Allowances

    Capital Allowances

  • Tax Reliefs

    Land Remediation Relief

  • Property Tax

    Capital Allowances

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    23 yrs

    This adviser has been providing specialist professional tax services for 23+ years.

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