FAQ for Taxpayers & Accountants

TaxJunction.co.uk is free to use for anyone who has a specific tax enquiry and wants to make contact with an adviser or specialist who can assist. TaxJunction is used by taxpayers, company directors, partners, accountants, financial advisers and more.

TaxJunction.co.uk verifies and qualifies all specialist advisers who feature on the platform. We request verifiable evidence that the adviser has experience in their particular area of specialism and request professional references as shown on all adviser profile pages.

It doesn't cost anything to use TaxJunction to send initial enquires to any of our specialist advisers. The platform is free to use. If you decide to connect with an adviser, then the adviser may make a charge for any services carried out. Fees arranged with TaxJunction.co.uk advisers are agreed privately and under no obligation.

TaxJunction.co.uk also provides its users with free access to our own internal Panel of CTA qualified advisers registered with the Chartered Institute of Taxation (CIOT). If you cannot find a suitable adviser using our ‘Tax Search’ function, or you are not sure where to begin, you can ‘Ask TaxJunction’ at any time. Our internal advisers will guide you in the right direction, free of charge.

TaxJunction.co.uk is more than just a directory service. You can use TaxJunction to communicate with multiple advisers, receive fee indications, provide relevant documents and much more. Our servers and your communications are totally secured and for this reason we require all users to create a basic user account. You will be notified by email when new messages are received.

faq for Advisers & Specialists

When registering to use TaxJunction.co.uk you can register as a user or an adviser. New adviser registrations are processed quickly and efficiently. Once your adviser account has been created our auditing team will contact you to complete our standard due diligence and request any additional documents required. Once your account has been approved your details and specialism pages will show immediately on the public website.

Each registered adviser can add up to three specialisms using the free TaxJunction account. Each specialism page will feature independently and be accessible via your main profile page. The content on each specialism page can be updated as often as you like and the more specialist the service and content provided, the higher the probability of receiving good enquiries.

We actively encourage it. Your public content can be updated at any time and will remain your property. Advisers can update or remove their specialisms and any associated content at any time. If you delete your account, your personal content will also be removed from our servers. TaxJunction relies on providing the most up to date and relevant information at all times.

TaxJunction.co.uk is a platform for directly connecting taxpayers and accountants to the most suitable advisers. Advisers and specialists can display their employers name if they wish, and this can be updated at any time. For now, adviser registrations and accounts must be personal and are therefore transferable between different employers.

TaxJunction.co.uk provides taxpayers and their representatives a platform to connect with qualified advisers practicing in many different fields and specialisms. We offer various methods of verification and are quick to process all new registrations. The integrity of the platform relies on the advisers ability to provide the best advice to taxpayers. The type of auditing information requested can vary between different advisors.

References are optional. Profile pages will publicly show the number of references received to TaxJunction users, but will not display any further information. Corporate references are accepted without further verification. Client references and non-corporate references may require further verification on a case by case basis at our auditor's discretion.

TaxJunction.co.uk provides taxpayers and their representative with a platform for connecting with reputable and reliable advisers. It is important that you register using your real name. Aliases are strictly forbidden and will not pass our strict auditing process.

Our terms of service are flexible and negotiable. We also offer an optional ‘qualification service’ for all enquiries to be sure the enquiry is suitable before it reaches your adviser dashboard. Due to the broad nature of tax, each adviser relationship is individual and unique. Your TaxJunction Account Manager is available to discuss your account at any time.

The lead qualification service is optional. Advisers can decide whether or not they require our qualification service and this may differ between specialisms. Tax can be complex and enquiries are not always clear from the outset without further consultation. If you wish, our panel of CTA qualified experts can qualify your new enquiries and automatically reject or approve each enquiry. Contact your Account Manager for more information.

TaxJunction.co.uk is a platform for connecting quickly and easily to the most suitable specialist adviser. Advisers have the choice of providing formal or non-formal advice through our secure messaging system. Once a taxpayer has connected with an adviser there is nothing to prevent further offline communications or meetings.

TaxJunction.co.uk allows advisers to request client due diligence documents and other personal information. Tax advice is often sensitive and all advisers are free to request any documentation they require as part of the initial enquiry and due diligence process.

Legal, Privacy & Anti-avoidance

The TaxJunction.co.uk dashboard allows taxpayers and advisers to connect and communicate. Advisers can choose whether each communication constitutes formal advice. The default selection for each communication is non-formal advice.

The content you author and publish to your individual specialism pages are visible to everyone including the general public through the internet. Each page will have its own google index ranking and is similar to any page on your own website or other public website. Taxpayers may find your profile and specialism pages though the TaxJunction.co.uk search function or through the usual online search engines.

All messages and communications are protected by two-way encryption. If an adviser choose to utilise the enquiry qualification service, then only the initial enquiry is visible to TaxJunction. Once the enquiry has been approved and appears in the advisers dashboard, all further communications are private and secure.

TaxJunction.co.uk does not verify the legality, nature, origin, financial risk and exposure of any tax services; advice or planning provided though the platform. It is each adviser’s responsibility to comply with the relevant tax legislation for all services and communications. Therefore, we do not currently restrict any providers or niche advisers on this basis.

The author of the content on each specialism page owns, and is responsible for their published content and material. Advisers are able to update their content at any time and all published content will be deleted from our servers if your account is deleted. We cannot guarantee that content will be immediately removed from search engine caches.

TaxJunction has no legal responsibility to check the legality of any information published using our platform. Where we are made aware of fraudulent, false or misleading information we will take action immediately to remove the content and reserve the right to cancel any account without reason or further explanation. Please see our standard terms of use for more information.

If you delete your account then all content on your main profile page and specialism pages will be immediately deleted from our servers. We cannot gurantee the immediate removal of cached content by online search engines.

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We hope you will find the answers to most common questions in the detailed FAQ above. If you still need to contact TaxJunction.co.uk you can do so by visiting our Contact Us page below.

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