Update and Coming Soon - For TJ Members

Update for all TaxJunction advisers and ‘soon to be’ advisers and specialists.

The platform officially launched on 1st October and here we are, less that one month later and we now have a fantastic group of featured specialists whom we know to be experts in their respective fields of tax.

That’s a great start!

Is that it now? Sit back and wait for enquiries? That would be too easy…

So what’s next and how can we work with our member advisers to improve the platform, demonstrate your knowledge and drive your tax business forward?

Well, we said we had a few nice surprises up our sleeves for you, so below are some things we are working on bringing to you by the end of the year.

Profile Analytics

What does this mean? We expect that most of our advisers and specialists spend the majority of their time keeping up to date with legislation and tax cases, rather than spending countless hours understanding online metrics and content conversions etc.  Snooze… Don’t worry. Because we’re going to do the tech stuff for you.  

We have already given all members the functionality to post blog articles and share these across all of our TaxJunction social channels which are growing fast! So blog away if you haven't already.

But what happens to my blog posts?

You will also be able to check how well each blog is performing and how your profile page visitors found you. This is the kind of data you want and need.
2. Site Searches

We promised our members that we would begin a national and large scale search engine optimisation campaign to drive organic traffic to the platform;  your profile page and ultimately your enquiry page for each specialism you have chosen to add so far.

This has now commenced and we are also marketing directly to the majority of small to medium size accountancy practices and also directly to owner managed businesses, and I think we can mostly agree that this is the ideal target audience for you, and for our platform.

Not only this, but when website visitors use TaxJunction to search for tax help, guess what we’re going to do with that information?  You guessed it. We’re going to share that anonymous data with all of our members in a monthly report so you can adapt and shape your practice.

Third Party Services

We have spoken with a number of third party service providers and vendors who provide resources, SaaS solutions, insurances, and lots of other stuff our members may be interested in as time goes by. This makes sense to us. When you have a collective group of professionals operating in the same professional sector, there are clearly some economies of scale to be had! We want to share these with you and save you all some money.

Suppliers are knocking at the door and we hope you will be interested to take advantage of some of the resources and tools we will be making available to you soon and of course, a reduced cost has to be a pre-requisite !

Direct Tax Support Line

We have saved the best until last. We will also be offering you a direct tax support line which you can use at any time by telephone. Most of our members are specialists in their own fields. Yet, we have all received client queries about tax areas on ‘the fringes’ from time to time.  It’s par for the course.

The TJ Helpdesk will be available for all advisers and your dedicated number will be displayed in your account dashboard soon.  

What you need to do?

All we ask in return is that if you like the platform so far, and are looking forward to the services we are bringing you over the next few months, then share this blog or our platform online. 

If you like what we’re doing, let us know by liking and sharing this post and let your connections know too. The bigger we get, the better we get collectively and the more we can bring you.

Help us to help your business and spread the word. 

Mitchell Taylor


TaxJuntion Founder  

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