Improve Your Cover ... and Save Premium

As much as we'd like to think our service suppliers give us the best possible option in whatever service is being offered ... all too often that's not what happens in reality. This is especially true in the insurance fields, specifically with Tax Fee Protection Insurance in this instance.

When you get your renewal terms (if you have a TFPI scheme), don't just accept them as is, especially if you have a low claims profile! Insurers aren't charities, and will try and increase or retain existing premium levels regardless of your profile to ensure their profit margins stay as high as possible ... not yours!

Let us do a full review of the scheme: Cover, Services, Premiums. We've been successful in all three areas, sometimes all at the same time.

You'll probably be surprised by the results we can get you ... and if (in the rare instance) we can't improve your scheme, we won't charge you for the review. Simples!

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Michael Scales
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