Comprehensive CA R&D & TFPI services

At Zeal Tax we have three primary services. Capital Allowances, R&D Tax Credits and Tax Fee Protection Insurance consultancy. Each has it's own team and qualified specialists.

With our own surveyors and case managers we work with accountants of all shapes and sizes, and always liaise with them when dealing with one of their clients. The principle is that once the accountant knows we are on their side, helping their clients achieve the best possible outcomes and tax efficiency, they will come back to us continually with new opportunities and services for their clientele.

We're not greedy either! Our CA and R&D fees are very competitive and related to the tax outcome on a contingency basis, so no risk to any client. We also share our fees for referrals if required by the accountant. The TFPI service is on a fee basis and only deals with accountants.

Have a look at our leaflet and use the QR codes to connect to the longer versions of each service. Give us a try, you won't be disappointed!


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